The Community database of Hugging Face Hub

What is HFCommunity?

HFCommunity offers an offline up-to-date relational database built from the data available at the Hugging Face Hub, thus providing queryable data about the repositories hosted in the Hub.

Thanks to HFCommunity, developers can quickly conduct analysis on projects hosted on Hugging Face Hub.


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Why Hugging Face?

Hugging Face has emerged as one of the most prominent AI Open Source hosting platforms..

HFCommunity offers a convenient access to query Hugging Face Hub Data.

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Information Schema

HFCommunity provides a relational database to access Hugging Face Hub Data.

You can check the UML diagram of the relational schema in the following link.

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HFCommunity enables the definition of metrics via SQL to conduct empirical studies.

We have defined some simple easy-to-understand metrics to illustrate the potential of HFCommunity.

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